Gaurav Mathur MD

I'm a palliative care physician practicing in Oakland and Berkeley, CA.  I've seen that many patients don't try to keep track of what's going on with their health because it's complicated and intimidating. But the patients and families that do tend to avoid side effects, complications, and hospitalizations. They get better care because they're more informed. However, there wasn't a tool to do this properly. Family members were texting, calling, or emailing information that quickly was lost or forgotten. Even when they took pictures of vital information it was lost in a camera roll full of vacation pictures. I created the Health Timeline app to help patients and their families do this properly: one timeline of health information that is searchable, shareable, and can be updated by the entire family. 
The Health Timeline mission is to empower people to own and control their own health information. If you know someone who is chronically ill, tell them about the app.